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Opening 2pm, Sunday 24th March 2013

Exhibition dates: 24 March - 14 July 2013
Tusif Ahmad

Tusif Ahmad is known for his painstakingly intricate and beautiful paper cuts.

The art of paper cutting is a process of hand cutting a single piece of paper and turning it into a beautiful design. Using very simple tools, such as knives, each piece is created very tastefully, ensuring the highest quality and excellence of design. No commercial reproduction technique is used in his work. Each piece is 100% hand cut, so it is unique and one of a kind. Ahmad uses archival materials from start to finish and hand painted including pen and ink or water colour which makes his work even more interesting. Each work is mounted three dimensionally.

Ahmad uses wave elements that hold symbols, words and designs. He also uses beautiful Islamic symbols and patterns in his paper cutting artwork. It is his hope that others will see the influence of different cultural elements in his artwork and realize the connection between paper cutting art and Ahmad's creativity and enjoy it visually.

Tusif Ahmad creates so that the energy and the enthusiasm that he puts into each piece will bring as much joy to people as the process of creating them brings joy to his life.

Ahmad likes to express ideas that negative spaces are infused with meanings that are as important as positive space. The process of paper cutting is subtractive and he has to think a few steps ahead. Even with planning, what comes out when he cuts away the background is a delightful surprise. The simplicity, flexibility and strength of paper enables Ahmad to transform this material into two and three dimensional art forms with a range of expression that is limitless. Thus the craft of building and forming merges with the expression of ideas.

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Tusif Ahmad

Tusif Ahmad