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Licence No: 6180034710

Mountford Wine and Cider Club

The Mountford Wine and Cider Club gives our customers the chance to buy our wines and ciders at a special price, with free delivery in Australia. 

Members can buy at any time of the year and receive all of the following benefits:
- Free delivery in Australia
- Best prices
- Priority choice including special museum releases
- Newsletter (keeping you up to date with latest releases)
- Club Membership Number (to be quoted to gain reduced prices)

Membership Conditions

Members must agree to place a minimum order of six bottles twice a year in the months of April & September.

There are three order options to choose for membership:
If you are already a member please follow this link for online ordering
Option 1 You may keep the same order every six months (this will not change until you notify us)  
Option 2 You may select one order for the month of April and a different order for the month of September (once both orders are placed this will not change until you notify us)  
Option 3 You may select a different order every six months  
Any changes to ongoing orders will have to be made 10 days prior to the 1st of the month of delivery, either by phone/fax, email or online ordering.

You will be issued a membership number and details for online ordering within 24 hours of submitting the membership application form.

Once you are a member your membership number must be quoted when making an order. 

Mountford Wine and Cider Club membership requires a minimum two year committment and can only be cancelled by notification.
Mountford Wine and Cider Membership Application